Kim Jong-kook Net Worth

Networth: $16 Million
Kim Jong-kook Net Worth
Date of Birth
Apr 25, 1976 (41 years old)
Singer, Actor
South Korea
5 ft 9 in (1.76 m)
Kim Jong-kook net worth: Kim Jong-kook is a South Korean singer, actor, and television personality who has a net account of $16 million. Kim Jong-kook was built-in in Hapcheon, South Korea in April 1976. He was a affiliate of the duo Turbo afore acceptable a abandoned artist. As a affiliate of Turbo Jong-kook was featured on the albums Volume 1 – Renaissance in 2001, Volume 2 – Evolution in 2004, Volume 3- This Is Me in 2005, Volume 4 – Kim Jong Kook’s Fourth Letter in 2006, Volume 5 – Here I am in 2008, Volume 6 – Eleventh Story in 2010, Kim Jong Kook Remake Album – Song in 2010, and Volume 7 – Journey Home in 2012. Jong-kook aswell appear the individual albums Hate That Happiness Came and Listening to the Sound of Rain in 2016 and Don’t Need To Return My Love in 2017. He has been featured in abounding TV alternation including X-man, Family Outing, and Running Man.