How to fix Airtel 4G settings problem

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Airtel 4G settings are quite different, if your handset don’t accept the settings automatically. Do the following steps:
1. Goto setting.
2. Tap on Networks -> Access Point Name.
3. Make a new APN connection.
3.1. Enter Name: Mobile Internet
3.2. Enter APN:
3.3. Enter Server:
3.4. Select Authentication Type: None
3.5. Select Bearer: unspecified
Save the above settings.
Restart your Handset, enjoy your Airtel 4G. 


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  • Ankit Kumar

    Can’t use internet since 2nd July. Getting full bars in 4g and 3g. But no internet. Speedtest is getting ping but no speed. Not even 0.01mb/s. Even I changed my Airtel 4G SIM as asked by Customer care. Tried new settings as asked by them. Also done factory reset of my phone. All my contacts and apps washed away. Still same issue.

  • I convert my sim to 4g,and after that my network signal strength is very weak and not getting 4g network at all. In stead of many times complain, nothing have been made in this regard.Now the times come for decide what to do? Will I remain with airtel or change to others.I am waiting for your fruitful reply as an old customer since 10 yrs or above.with thanks.

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