Holly Johnson Net Worth

Networth: $12 Million
Holly Johnson Net Worth
Date of Birth
Feb 9, 1960 (57 years old)
Singer, Writer, Musician, Artist, Painter
Holly Johnson net worth: Holly Johnson is an English artist, musician, and biographer who has a net account of $12 million. Holly Johnson was built-in in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom in February 1960. He is best accepted for getting the advance diva of the bandage Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Johnson was aswell the bass guitarist for the bandage Big in Japan. Frankie Goes to Hollywood formed in 1980 and appear their admission flat anthology Welcome to the Pleasuredome in 1984 which accomplished #1 in the UK and New Zealand as able-bodied as the Top 10 in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Their anthology Liverpool was appear in 1986 and accomplished #5 in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. Frankie Goes to Hollywood had #1 singles in the UK and added countries with the songs “Relax”, “Two Tribes”, and “The Power of Love”. Johnson appear his admission abandoned flat anthology Blast in 1989 which accomplished #1 in the UK. He went on to absolution the albums Hollelujah in 1989, Dreams That Money Can’t Buy in 1991, Soulstream in 1999, and Europa and Unleashed From the Pleasuredome in 2014. His singles “Love Train” and “Americanos” both accomplished #4 in the UK. Johnson became a painter in the 1990s.