Christoph Sanders Net Worth

Networth: $3 Million
Christoph Sanders Net Worth
Date of Birth
Apr 21, 1988 (29 years old)
United States of America
Christoph Sanders net worth: Christoph Sanders is an American amateur who has a net account of $3 million. Christoph Sanders was built-in in Arden, North Carolina in April 1988. From 2008 to 2010 he starred as Ned Banks on the television alternation Ghost Whisperer. Since 2011 Sanders has starred as Kyle Anderson on the TV alternation Last Man Standing. He has aswell appeared on episodes of the TV alternation Family of the Year, Pair of Kings, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Sanders appeared in the films Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Hounddog, the video Legally Blondes, and the TV cine Lies in Plain Sight. As a youngster he accomplished the rank of an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. He took acting classes starting at nine years old and appeared in abounding date productions in his youth. At 16 he starred in a alternation of TV commercials for the cast General Mills.