Brett Gurewitz Net Worth

Networth: $12 Million
Brett Gurewitz Net Worth
Record producer
Date of Birth
May 12, 1962 (55 years old)
Record producer, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter
United States of America
Brett Gurewitz net worth: Brett Gurewitz is an American guitarist and songwriter who has a net account of $12 million. Brett Gurewitz was built-in in Los Angeles, California in May 1962. He is best accepted for getting the guitarist of the bandage Bad Religion. Gurewitz is the buyer of the music characterization Epitaph Records forth with the sister-labels Hellcat Records, ANTI-, Fat Possum Records, and Burning Heart Records. Gurewitz abutting Bad Religion in 1980 at 16 years old. He larboard in 1983 but came aback in 1986. He larboard afresh in 1994 afore rejoining for acceptable in 2001. The bandage appear their admission flat anthology How Could Hell Be Any Worse?. They appear the albums Into the Unknown in 1983, Suffer in 1988, No Control in 1989, Against the Grain in 1990, Generator in 1992, and Recipe for Hate in 1993. Bad Religion started acceptable commercially acknowledged with the absolution of their anthology Stranger Than Fiction in 1994 and continuing with the albums The Gray Race in 1996, No Substance in 1998, The New America in 2000, The Process of Belief in 2002, The Empire Strikes First in 2004, New Maps of Hell in 2007, The Dissent of Man in 2010, and True North in 2013. Their a lot of accepted individual “21st Century (Digital Boy)” accomplished #11 on the US Alternative chart. Gurewitz is aswell a affiliate of the bandage Error.